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The world’s automobile manufacturers are rolling out their newest and bestest beauties in Motor City USA. We at Ferman BMW are quite fond of this Red and Black item seen on many websites, tell us what you think or find out more on

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Mad about ice. / News / MINI Motorsport.

Here at we don’t think we would be able to sell too many Ice Racing MINIs. Probably something to do with the climate but Jamaica had a Bob Sledding team so you never know. There have also been some questions as to what type of MINI do we have here as it looks nothing like anything we have delivered. Come in and visit or start a thread here as to what MINI you think this car started as.

Would this sell in Florida

via Mad about ice. / News / MINI Motorsport.

The third generation of the modern MINI Cooper will spawn a new five-door variant when it goes on sale next year, as confirmed by these latest spy shots of a prototype for the more family friendly MINI.

On initial glance the prototype looks similar to previous mules for the regular 2014 MINI Cooper three-door, but it clearly features four doors and what looks to be a conventional rear hatch–making this a five-door.

Centrally-mounted exhaust tips also confirm that this is the slightly sportier Cooper S version of the new MINI five-door. We suspect prototypes for the Cooper version will crop up soon.

To accommodate the extra doors, MINI’s designers have stretched the wheelbase. It also appears they’ve raised the height of the roof in order to maximize interior space.

We’ve previously reported on the five-door MINI Cooper, which is likely to replace the suicide-door-equipped Clubman. It’s not clear whether this model will pick up the Clubman name or be called something entirely else.

MINI is hoping the increased flexibility will make its new 2014 Cooper range appeal to a wider audience and boost sales beyond last year’s tally of roughly 285,000 units for the previous generation. Note, despite the additional set of doors, the rear seats will still only be suitable for small children, so parents with a couple of teens best look elsewhere or at least have a second car if a MINI is a must.

Under the hood will be BMW’s latest three-cylinder engine family. In the U.S., base Cooper models will get a turbocharged 1.5-liter engine with around 121 horsepower and 133 pound-feet of torque. Cooper S models will get a more potent version of this engine, which most likely will match the 181-horsepower rating of the outgoing version.

Look for the debut of the new 2014 MINI Cooper range in the first half of next year, with this five-door variant, whatever it’s called, to arrive shortly after.

via 2014 MINI Cooper S Five-Door Spy Shots.

via 2014 MINI Cooper S Five-Door Spy Shots.

MotoringFile » Archive » AutoExpress Imagines the MINI Cooper 5-door.

via MotoringFile » Archive » AutoExpress Imagines the MINI Cooper 5-door.

MotoringFile » Archive » MINI at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012.

via MotoringFile » Archive » MINI at the Los Angeles Auto Show 2012.

And now for the bad news, there are only 500 coming to the USA. The good news is that if you own a 2006 GP you will be ahead of the queue for the 385 cars available after the dealerships claim theirs. Call Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay for the details the local hotline is 727 490 MINI (6464)

Call Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay for your GP information

The soon to be very elusive MINI GP

MotoringFile » Archive » MINI, The Ultimate Urban Car.

Let’s face it. More of us live in cities than ever. According to’s Kelsey Mayes, one in every 6.4 Americans live in one of the
country’s largest 50 cities as of 2009. So for many people, owning a car
fit for the city is a must. So has compiled their list of top
ten list of urban cars, and guess who’s on top?

The MINI Cooper refuses to release its grip on the title
of Ultimate Urban Car. Yes, it’s short — just over 12 feet long —
and it turns a fairly tight circle and offers rear parking sensors. But
being the ultimate urban car isn’t just about parking. The Cooper’s wee
size and nimble handling make it good for scooting around delivery
vehicles or slowpokes, especially if you opt for the turbocharged S trim
level. All Coopers have excellent brakes, too, so you’re well-protected
against the indiscretions of others, such as cellphone-obsessed
pedestrians who don’t know street from sidewalk. Consider the
convertible if you live in a warm climate, but if you’re in a wintry
city, think twice about the S trim level, which rides too firmly for
pothole-ridden streets.

While we dispute their suspension diagnosis (Sport Suspension is
optional on the Cooper S, just as it is on the Cooper), we can’t argue
with their summary. For zipping ’round town with spirit and thrift, it’s
hard to do better that a MINI. See the full list over at

Explore your inner Urban spirit at MINI of Tampa Bay.

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an enclosed automobile body having two or four doors and seating four or more persons on two full-width seats. Now this just doesn’t make sense any more but interesting definition and MINI of Tampa Bay likes redefining the ordinary.

In our recent comprehensive piece about the upcoming F56, we spent quite a bit of time talking about the 5-door variant, the F55. Basically to the hardtop MINI hatch what the four door Golf is to VW. The F55 will take the standard MINI platform and inject it with a healthy dose of practicality without growing its sporting footprint. Is the “sedan” Inside Line is talking about actually the F55, or are we talking about something more fast-backed like a traditional sedan? What comes to mind is the image of a four door MINI with a back end more akin to the Coupe or Roadster — with a traditional boot lid. But like the idea of a stretched Countryman, that’s purely conjecture on my part. Most likely of all is what we reported on back in January:

Code-named “Spacebox” and known as the Traveller (or even the MINI Activity Tourer) the car will be based on the front wheel drive BMW Compactive Sport Tourer or ‘FAST’. The idea (for both but especially the Traveller) is all about increasing practicality and flexibility for a customer who would have had to to move to another brand because they’ve simply run out of space. Both but especially the Traveller will be the most utility oriented of all of BMW or MINI’s upcoming products based off of the UKL1 platform.

What’s unclear is just where each of these rumors and internal MINI concepts overlap. Is this three cars or just one? Either way, we know MINI is working on four and/or five door variants of the traditional MINI Hatch — the flagship platform for MINI.

Expansion means profitability

We’re as tired of repeating it as many of you are of reading it, but the reality is that in order for MINI to be sustainably profitable, the brand and the lineup has to grow. The hardtop hatch will always be the center of that, as will the MINI’s British heritage. In fact, Inside Line is reporting that BMW is yet again considering the presence of a MINI design center in the UK — a facility to anchor the brand’s character right in the heart of its cultural heritage. A London BMW design center was shelved earlier this year, but perhaps that was just a postponement. Regardless, the changes we’re seeing in both platform (the F56) and continued model variations are essential to MINI’s long term growth and financial health.

While not every MINI fan is going to love every new model (where my R60 haters at?), we still think the correct perspective on a ten car MINI lineup is one that ultimately favors driving enthusiasts. For a company as small as MINI, the catch 22 of profitability comes hand-in-hand with market compromise. But in the end, the enthusiasts actually have the most to gain. The criticisms of bloat and un-sporting character that one might level against the Countryman certainly don’t apply to MINI’s most rarified models like the Coupe or the JCW GP. Truth is, though, we wouldn’t have one without the other. MINI wouldn’t be able to offer low volume, performance oriented cars like the Coupe without the highly profitable, albeit less aspirational Countryman. It works the other way ’round as well. Without the sporting character and performance cheek of the Hatch, the Coupe and the Roadster (not to forget the JCW GP), there’d be little MINI family appeal for a car like the Paceman — a car that aspires to even more performance than it will likely deliver.

In that sense, MINI is expanding into a more complicated organism. Those interdependencies and new models are ultimately going to strengthen the MINI bottom line, and I believe, strengthen the MINI brand.

via MotoringFile » Archive » More Talk of MINI Model Expansion.

via MotoringFile » Archive » More Talk of MINI Model Expansion.

via MotoringFile » Archive » More Talk of MINI Model Expansion.

Details are extremely thin on what is meant by a “MINI SUV”, so
let’s not panic just yet. In fact, other news sources are still using
the term “crossover” to describe this vehicle. Given both the success
and continued expansion of the Countryman, when the term “SUV” gets
used, what exactly are we talking about here? Is it a truly larger
vehicle than the R60? Or are we looking at something more off-road
focused rising out of that same platform? Anybody remember the
Beachcomber? This was our prediction back in January and for now, we’re
sticking with it as this “SUV” they’re talking about. Given that we
already know MINI has worked on internal Beachcomber concepts in both
five door, and Paceman-like three door variants (nicknamed the Canyon
inside MINI), it seems likely that any growth on the part of the
Countryman would be up, not out. That said, an extended wheel-base
Countryman (a Countryman Clubman?) also seems plausible, but that is purely a guess on my part.

via MotoringFile » Archive » More Talk of MINI Model Expansion.

2012 is a big year for JCW. First we learned about the JCW Countryman.
Then it was the updated 1.6L JCW four cylinder with full Valvetronic
with better efficiency while retaining the same performance. Then
finally we got the 218 hp GP. It all adds up to a pretty nice family
photo. Or a series of them (after the break).

MotoringFile » Archive » Meet the Updated JCW Family.


via MotoringFile » Archive » Meet the Updated JCW Family.