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MINi Olympics

Why is it that this shot seems like it was taken so long ago? We know it wasn’t too many months ago when we watched the opening ceremonies and the radio controlled cars fetching the shot put. Has so much happened? Was it a great year for MINI Cooper? Help us with your thoughts


A question we have at Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay is what happened to the 74mpg MINI we read about that’s driving around the UK ? Your thoughts appreciated here or at

MotoringFile » Archive » If MINI USA Brings a Diesel, Would you Consider it?.

via MotoringFile » Archive » If MINI USA Brings a Diesel, Would you Consider it?.

Mad about ice. / News / MINI Motorsport.

Here at we don’t think we would be able to sell too many Ice Racing MINIs. Probably something to do with the climate but Jamaica had a Bob Sledding team so you never know. There have also been some questions as to what type of MINI do we have here as it looks nothing like anything we have delivered. Come in and visit or start a thread here as to what MINI you think this car started as.

Would this sell in Florida

via Mad about ice. / News / MINI Motorsport.

Will someone give me a heyyyooo…the future looks bright at
Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay!

In various interviews over the past few months, BMW executives have hinted at grand plans for the UKL platform. Reported by both MotoringFile and BimmerFile, the UKL platform will spawn an onslaught of FWD models. This will make MINI more long-term viable and will drive the BMW Group to greater economies of scale. Yet just how far BMW is willing to go with FWD, and how big the MINI brand will get hasn’t really been understood until recently.

BMW has plans — BIG plans — for such a small automaker. According to several sources (and recently coraborated by “Scott27″ — our favorite inside source), the BMW board has given approval for a number of front wheel drive models in both the BMW and MINI lineups. Surprisingly, this even includes a MINI four door sedan. According to those who’ve seen the proposal, it’s an extremely attractive car that leverages the MINI floating roof and wrap-around glass. Apparently, the rear is similar to the Paceman, with sculpted front lines reminiscent of the 2008 MINI Crossover Concept. However, this variation of the MINI design language will be unique to this sedan, letting most of the rest of the lineup continue to follow the visual lead of the F56 hardtop hatch.

MotoringFile » Archive » MINI and BMW to Dramatically Expand Model Ranges.

via MotoringFile » Archive » MINI and BMW to Dramatically Expand Model Ranges.

The MINI sedan is just the start of further model expansion. There will be several crossovers and utility vehicles, as well as sporting coupes and convertibles. Here’s the list for both BMW and MINI as we currently understand it, keeping in mind some of the details may change.

  1. BMW 1er Urbanic Compact 3/5dr – Upcoming City hatch based on the next MINI, making it BMW’s Audi A1 rival.
  2. MINI 3/5dr hatch – Increased demand for utility leads to the next generation MINI, due next year, to feature available five doors for the 1st time.
  3. BMW 1-series Sedan – Baby sedan based on the UKL architecture and aimed at global markets for small five seaters.
  4. MINI Sedan – A sporty four door MINI aimed at further growing the market for MINIs. Could potentially be MINI’s best seller worldwide, overtaking the Countryman.
  5. BMW 1-series Active Tourer – Production version of Active Tourer Concept launched at IAA 2013.
  6. MINI Traveller – MINI’s version of the Active Tourer. It’s designed to show how both cars can co-exist with individual style and flexibility.
  7. BMW 1-series Urbanic Roadster – BMW’s open top version of the City Car will inherit two seats and will feature a rear deck with layered butresses like the BMW 6-series Cabrio and BMW i8. These are designed for clip on roof panel.
  8. MINI Convertible – The F56-generation version of the popular 4-seat, open top MINI.
  9. BMW Z1 Sportster – To provide greater economies of scale, The Z1 will be BMW’s equivalent to the MINI Coupe and Roadster. It will be FWD and powered by more powerful three cylinder engines than what we’ll find in the MINI range. The design is derived from the well-received 2011 Vision ConnectedDrive concept car.
  10. MINI Roadster – The next Roadster and Coupe will launch with a sportier look completely separate from the standard MINI. MINI design language will remain but the bodywork will no longer be based on the hardtop hatch.
  11. BMW Z1 Sport Coupe – A coupe version of the Z1 will complete the BMW Z twins.
  12. MINI Coupe – Coupe version of Roadster, and as mentioned above, more individual in appearance than the standard hardtop hatch.
  13. BMW X1 – Next generation of BMW’s highly successful SAV moves to the UKL architecture to offer more flexibility, including xDrive.
  14. MINI Countryman – Next generation of the global MINI juggernaut, the Countryman will finally share its underpinnings with BMW X1.
  15. BMW X2 – Sport Activity Coupe variant of the next BMW X1 , FWD with optional xDrive and the first BMW SAC to appear as both a 3dr and 5dr. Think of it as the BMW version of the MINI Paceman.
  16. MINI Paceman and Paceman XL – Next generation of newest MINI member will be offered with the current 3-door version, as well as a 5-door.
  17. BMW Family Activity Sports Tourer – BMW’s hybrid of an SAV and MPV, the FAST will feature a “touring” bodystyle and aim to sew up the small, luxury people carrier segment.
  18. MINI Clubman – Current car revisited with more style and more flexibility. Anticipated as more of a Shooting Brake with dynamic raked roof and forward looking proportions.
  19. Next Generation BMW 1 Series Sedan – Due in 2017 and is expected with both front and all wheel drive available.

However, for all this FWD, BMW isn’t giving up small rear wheel drive cars. In fact BMW and BMW M have big plans for the 2 Series range. Specifically BMW M will base a car on the 2-series with a Gran Coupe variant of the 2-series Coupe. Adding two extra doors to a slightly longer wheelbase and roofline, the Gran Coupe will set itself apart. This car will be BMW’s answer to the Mercedes-Benz CLA, but in a more enthusiast friendly RWD form. The 2-series Coupe will also form the foundation of what will effectively be the second generation 1M. Here’s the full rundown of future small, rear wheel drive cars from BMW:

  • BMW 2-series Coupe – Coupe version of the 1-series hatch. Unique front and rear style, with a sleeker, rounded roof. Yet still in compact proportions. Premieres at IAA 2013.
  • BMW 2-series Cabrio – Soft top version retains the unique appearance of the 2-series Coupe.
  • BMW 2-series Gran Coupe – A 4-door addition of 2-series Coupe with slightly lengthened wheelbase and roof line. It’s aimed to position BMW’s RWD as dominant over the Audi A3 Sedan and Mercedes-Benz CLA.
  • BMW 2-series Gran Sports Tourer – A Hyundai Veloster-type, asymmetrical touring coupe inspired by the classic BMW 2002 Touring variant. This car has many admirers in Munich.
  • BMW M2 Coupe – Successor to the BMW 1-series M Coupe, the M2 Coupe continues the same formula that made the last car so memorable. While no huge competitor in the HP race, four cylinder will bring less weight, which matters most in a car of this type. More driving enjoyment and overall feel is considered of higher priority than who has the biggest horsepower numbers.
  • BMW M2 Gran Coupe – The baby Gran Coupe inherits a lot from its four door big brother: 340 HP, Four doors and RWD. It will be a direct competitor to the Mercedes-Benz CLA 45AMG.

Image courtesy of Autocar

MotoringFile » Archive » MINI and BMW to Dramatically Expand Model Ranges.

via MotoringFile » Archive » MINI and BMW to Dramatically Expand Model Ranges.

Mini Rocketman V1 You Tube – YouTube.

via Mini Rocketman V1 You Tube – YouTube.

Get out of my head Elton! Rocket on by Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay.

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MINI has revealed the seventh addition to its ever-expanding lineup, the all-new 2013 MINI Paceman. Essentially a coupe version of the Countryman crossover, the new Paceman makes its official world debut at the 2012 Paris Auto Show before–hopefully–hitting showrooms in the not too distant future.

This is the production version of the almost identical Paceman concept car that we saw two years ago. It features all the typical MINI styling cues and combines this with a crossover body and drivetrain with available ALL4 all-wheel drive. The standard configuration is front-wheel drive.

With its two doors and large tailgate, plus four-seater cabin (there are two individual seats in the back, though only small children fit here), the Paceman would be ideal for young couples looking for something a bit unique in the burgeoning compact crossover market. Folding down the rear seats expands the load capacity of the MINI Paceman from 11.6 to a maximum 38 cubic feet.

The dash is your typical MINI affair, comprising a large circular center speedo, decorative rings, scalloped doors, and newly designed surrounds for the air vents. MINI’s center rail storage compartment is also fitted as standard.

Other standard goodies include air conditioning, sports seats up front and 16-inch alloys. Available features include xenon headlights, rain sensing wipers, parking aids, an electronically operated glass roof, satellite navigation and a Harman Kardon sound system. Buyers will also be able to upgrade the wheels to 17, 18 and even 19-inch sizes.

So far only the entry-level MINI Cooper Paceman and slightly sportier Cooper S Paceman have been announced. The regular Cooper Paceman comes with a 1.6-liter four-cylinder engine with 112 horsepower and standard front-wheel drive, while the Cooper S Paceman gets a turbocharged version of this engine with 184 horsepower on tap. Further down the track a John Cooper Works Paceman with more than 200 horsepower will be introduced. All Paceman variants come with a six-speed manual gearbox or a six-speed automatic as an option.

So looking forward to this newest MINI model! Say Hi to the crew at MINI of Tampa Bay.

Viknesh Vijayenthiran

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Some first rate MINI marketing for you folks today. For all the things MINI does well, and for all the ways they sometimes come up short, we can’t deny that as a brand, MINI and  Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay are consistently focused on having a lot of fun. In this latest video, we’re all encouraged to escape the ordinary …in a MINI.

MINI’s Paris Motor Show saw the debut of two production vehicles; the JCW GP and the new MINI Paceman. And as much as photos try, they often fail to bring you all the pomp and circumstance that is on display at the show itself. To rectify we bring you a video of introduction of the Paceman as well as comments from MINI Brand Manager Kay Segler

Ok, so we can’t all simply jet off to Paris, but you can motor on over to MINI of Tampa Bay, we just a up the road and to the left. We may even have some RedBull on hand, if you are in need of some wings.

MotoringFile » Archive » iPhone 5 and What it Means for MINI.

BMW and MINI have both diversified their smartphone integration that
started with iOS to include the Android platform. Yet the iPhone and iOS
remain the most important mobile platform for either brand. So it only
makes sense for us (and many of you) to take note when Apple releases a
completely new iPhone. Especially one that includes a new connector. So
what does it mean for current an future MINI owners? Read on to find

First off it means your current iPhone dock (yes that $200 accessory
you may have bought for your armrest) will not work with the iPhone 5.
We’ve been assured by MINI that an update to the part should be coming
in early 2013. What about the “Y” cable that connects your phone to the
USB port in the car? Again that’s expected late this year or early next.
But the good news on that front is that Apple will sell you (for a
slightly eye-watering $30) an adapter that converts the previous
iPhone/iPod connector to the new lightening connector standard on all
new iPhones and iPods.

Speaking of iPods the new Nano has gained the all important Bluetooth
option. For the first time this will allow the Nano to stream music
wirelessly to any BMW or MINI that supports streaming audio via

One thing to note; MINI and BMW Connected will not be affected by the
upgrades to the iPhone or the iPod Touch. However neither will run on
the iPod Nano.

via MotoringFile » Archive » iPhone 5 and What it Means for MINI.


MotoringFile » Archive » JCW GP Interior & Final Specs Revealed. via MotoringFile » Archive » JCW GP Interior & Final Specs Revealed.

Love, love, LOVE this!!!

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