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MINi Olympics

Why is it that this shot seems like it was taken so long ago? We know it wasn’t too many months ago when we watched the opening ceremonies and the radio controlled cars fetching the shot put. Has so much happened? Was it a great year for MINI Cooper? Help us with your thoughts


This week from the MF Vault we’re re-visiting a couple of features we published last year giving opposing views on everyone’s favorite debate: auto vs manual. With a dramatically updated automatic coming with the F56 (to be introduced late next year) it’s perhaps a good time to renew our appreciation for that ever engaging piece of old-school technology know simply as “the stick”.

2011 MINI

It’s the right of passage many of us graduate to early in life that
quickly becomes a badge of honor. It’s the subtle cue to another
enthusiast that you’re serious about the art of driving and a student of
automotive history. In my mind there are cars that require a manual.

The M3s, 911s or even MCS’ of the world just don’t seem as
bare-chested with a pair of flappy paddles. And you know the moment.
When you peer into either of those cars and see that dreaded auto knob.
Your heart drops just a bit. If you’re a manual driver you care about
that car. And you know it’s been wronged by someone who chose ease over
interaction on the ordering spec (unless of course it’s a dedicated
track car).

So let’s be clear about it. The entire idea is laced with
testosterone, but you don’t actually need to be a man to own or drive
one. You simply need an attitude (and maybe at least figurative
attachments). It’s the option for control freaks who don’t mind a little
serendipity. In short, it’s a way of life.

Sure you need a little insanity to look at today’s congested roads
and choose a manual. But buying a new car with three pedals is a simple
decision that separates those of us in the know from those of us unable
to see through the monotony of daily life*.

Or just get two cars.

*Exclusions apply to anyone who cannot drive a manual due to injury or handicap.

**There at least a half dozen examples of DCT only cars (mostly
exotic) that clearly interest us and don’t necessarily fall into either
category above). That said we wished they came in manual form.

via MotoringFile » Archive » MF Vault: An Ode to the Manual.

via An Ode to the Manual.

The Surreal September Sunday in Saint Petersburg

Join MOTB at The Dali on September 16th

Coming Soon: MINI “Black Line” Exterior Trim

If you’re looking to eliminate chrome and give your MINI the stealth look, the MINI “Black Line” exterior trim kit is now available. Available parts include rear taillight trim rings, a rear fog light trim ring, side scuttles and headlight trim rings.

Black out kit for MINI from Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay

Black is Black – I want my MINI Black

The full story here at

For those who painted other makes and models in MINI’s classic Chili Red and have always thought it would be great to have a Chili Red Countryman this is our day in the sun.
Contact Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay to order your very special Countryman, thinking about it call them to order “Your” MINI .

See the Chile Red Countryman at Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay

Chili Red Countryman

BMW and Toyota…strange bedfellows?


MotoringFile » Archive » Could A BMW & Toyota Partnership Result in the Rocketman Being Produced?.

I am admittedly a bit of a car snob. To me, Toyota is a great commuter car perfectly capable of transporting the masses from point A to point B just fine. But how many times have you heard…”Oh, take a look at that Camry… nice!” not… ever. Or, “I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of that Prius”. Your more likely to hear “Get me out from behind this (fill in the blank) Prius.”

No, I am not trying to insult any Toyota owners that are reading this. And if I have, please accept my apologies (pun intended).  I’ve been there myself, driving whatever “appliance” out of pure necessity and that’s OK. But once you’ve crossed that line from commuter to driver, it’s hard to go back.

This leads me to my initial uneasiness with the thought of BMW and Toyota joining forces in the name of creating a future sports car like hybrid, muddling the division of the “German vs Japanese” camps I’ve created in my mind. But changes are – a – coming and these changes are desperately needed. The possibilities are there, as Toyota did ship in a prototype platform of the next generation IQ to Munich in order for BMW to do a test with the Rocketman proposal. One key benefit is that Toyota has engineered the next generation platform to offer various drive concepts, something which has excited BMW’s engineers and marketing department with their intended goals for a production Rocketman. Should the car get the green-light, then BMW would do the in-house chassis engineering so at least it offers the MINI fun factor expected with any MINI.

The good thing about the entire Rocketman project is that BMW understands the need for the car to have character, in exterior and interior design, personalization and of course how the car drives. Get that right and success should surely follow.

MINI does have some exciting ideas in relation to progressive concepts. It is only now that it looks possible that they will now see the light of day thanks to this partnership. If this marriage creates a fun, quality “environmentally friendly ” sports car then bring it on.

And I will remain trepidatiously waiting in the *MINI* wings.

via MotoringFile » Archive » Could A BMW & Toyota Partnership Result in the Rocketman Being Produced?.


MotoringFile | MotoringFile | MINI news, reviews and opinion. MINI Cooper, Cooper S, Clubman, Countryman.

via MotoringFile | MotoringFile | MINI news, reviews and opinion. MINI Cooper, Cooper S, Clubman, Countryman.

This will be interesting to see. MINI has slowly…very slowly altered the dash and interior from the first generation MINI to the second. Also with minor tweaks throughout the second generation (radio controls, steering wheel, MINI Connect features etc). To become even more refined will be a good thing as one of the issues JD Power and Associates show MINI ranking on the low side due to it’s idiosyncrasies. Although these are not hard to maneuver, new owners often have difficulty adjusting to the changes.

Our MINI advisors at Ferman MINI always do a thorough delivery to each and every customer so that MINI’s idiosyncrasies are minimized. MINI offers video tutorials and a quick reference guide to assist during those mind blank moments.

Hearing that MINI and BMW may be combining a few dash controls or at least look and function in the same fashion will be something to see as well. I love MINI as it is but as is said the only constant is change, and in this case change will be good.

MINI of Tampa Bay is still the number one MINI store on the west coast. If your looking for the latest greatest MINI or a previous generation model, Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay is the place to go.

Van Halen anyone….no? Well…ok.


London Longjumper Leaps Over Mini Coopers In Olympic Edition Introduction – Automotive News.

via London Longjumper Leaps Over Mini Coopers In Olympic Edition Introduction – Automotive News.


2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 Long-Term Test.

via 2011 Mini Cooper S Countryman All4 Long-Term Test.

Join Saint Pete Avid MINIacs and Tampa Bay British Expats for a pleasant evening on the top deck of the Hurricane Restaurant, Pass-a-Grille Beach
Snacks courtesy of MINI of Tampa Bay, Music, Drink Specials and the great view is available to all. There will be a sectioned off VIP area, all we ask is that you RSVP to enter and to eligible for MINI Prizes on the night.
Please call Tina at 727 490 6464 to confirm..or log on to and click the events section.

Hurricane Party at pass-A-Grille

Join us June 1st at the Hurricane Seafood Restaurant