BMW and Toyota…strange bedfellows?


MotoringFile » Archive » Could A BMW & Toyota Partnership Result in the Rocketman Being Produced?.

I am admittedly a bit of a car snob. To me, Toyota is a great commuter car perfectly capable of transporting the masses from point A to point B just fine. But how many times have you heard…”Oh, take a look at that Camry… nice!” not… ever. Or, “I can’t wait to get behind the wheel of that Prius”. Your more likely to hear “Get me out from behind this (fill in the blank) Prius.”

No, I am not trying to insult any Toyota owners that are reading this. And if I have, please accept my apologies (pun intended).  I’ve been there myself, driving whatever “appliance” out of pure necessity and that’s OK. But once you’ve crossed that line from commuter to driver, it’s hard to go back.

This leads me to my initial uneasiness with the thought of BMW and Toyota joining forces in the name of creating a future sports car like hybrid, muddling the division of the “German vs Japanese” camps I’ve created in my mind. But changes are – a – coming and these changes are desperately needed. The possibilities are there, as Toyota did ship in a prototype platform of the next generation IQ to Munich in order for BMW to do a test with the Rocketman proposal. One key benefit is that Toyota has engineered the next generation platform to offer various drive concepts, something which has excited BMW’s engineers and marketing department with their intended goals for a production Rocketman. Should the car get the green-light, then BMW would do the in-house chassis engineering so at least it offers the MINI fun factor expected with any MINI.

The good thing about the entire Rocketman project is that BMW understands the need for the car to have character, in exterior and interior design, personalization and of course how the car drives. Get that right and success should surely follow.

MINI does have some exciting ideas in relation to progressive concepts. It is only now that it looks possible that they will now see the light of day thanks to this partnership. If this marriage creates a fun, quality “environmentally friendly ” sports car then bring it on.

And I will remain trepidatiously waiting in the *MINI* wings.

via MotoringFile » Archive » Could A BMW & Toyota Partnership Result in the Rocketman Being Produced?.


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