It’s an ongoing debate amongst MINI owners and wanna be MINI owners alike. I hear the same phrases over and over….one person wants to know why a MINI would EVER come equipped with a manual transmission. Of course, my preference has always been manual tops automatic any day….however… and I’m writing this thinking I may be a bit off in the head at this moment but…. I think an automatic transmission in a Countryman makes sense. Yeah… I said it. So there. 

There’s just something about the size of the vehicle and the way the seat sits a bit higher, the gear shifter not quite right where I want it to be…even a long limbed body as mine feels not quite as comfortable as I expect to be to be heel-toeing it in this model. 

Now there’s a bottom for every seat and I am happy that MINI recognizes this and offers either of these options so that all are happy and comfortable motoring along in the MINI. 

Motor On Y’all!

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