Those darn rear head rests MY 2011 and newer

Posted: April 27, 2012 by rredrraven in Uncategorized

Has anyone besides me noticed that the rear head rests on the hardtop and convertible models have risen several inches since MY 2010? Gone are the low profile rear head rests, in place are these little donuts keeping one from lowering the head rest flush against the top of the seats. Why might you ask…as I asked myself as well. Presumably it has something to do with U.S. standards and our inability to think for ourselves as American citizens. The head rests have always been adjustable so and appropriately nestled behind an occupants head. I imagine somewhere along the way someone was sued or threatened with a lawsuit for being injured due to NOT adjusting said head rest. Not a fact, simply speculation on my part.

Being that I rarely use my back seat for passengers and when I do, I will assuredly instruct how to adjust the head rest as needed. That being said, I simply removed the head rest, popped out the little silver pin holding the donut in place and replaced the head rest which is now out of sight in my rear mirror. And now I can smile and continue on my merry way. Please feel free to do the same.

BTW – quick little side note here…has your MA shown how to adjust the back seat to sit more upright when needing a bit more cargo space without completely lowering the back seat? Check out the slideshow. There is an extension rod that will lock your back seat into position. To release simply use the back of seat release and push lever back down and out of the way, returning seats to regular locked in position.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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