MINI enthusiasts as well as those in–the-know and those eagerly awaiting a MINI of their own, understand the draw of a well designed, fun loving, throttle boasting, handling dream of a quirky little gas sipper. MINI of Tampa Bay has the perfect one waiting for you.

Don’t let the imposters fool you. Yes, there has been a proliferation of late from various automobile manufacturers hoping to capture the essence of MINI. From Hyundai Veloster’s interesting eye appeal to Honda’s corner gripping, albeit power lacking CR-Z to Fiat 500’s cuteness, not one has come close to capturing that essence.

Stop by Ferman MINI and try one on for size. With MINIs’ growing family there truly is a size for all. Come and check out MINIs’ not so little brother at MINI of Tampa Bay, the Countryman, with a bench seat designed to seat 3 for a total of 5, yes that’s right…I said 5 MINIacs. Now, juniors’ friends can tag along or the family dog can have his own seat.

If you desire the same freedom loving, open air feeling that Fido gets to enjoy, ease on into a brand new MINI Coupe Roadster. Coming soon to your favorite MINI of Tampa Bay. For those preferring a more windless environment…call Ferman MINI to schedule your own private tour of the MINI Coupe.

Standing by…come on…you know you want to. MINI of Tampa Bay is here to help.


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