A Day at Daytona

Posted: February 7, 2012 by rredrraven in Automobiles, Cooper, Ferman MINI of Tampa Bay, MINI, MINI of Tampa Bay

16. 196 Farmer / Hart               MINI Cooper S

18. 197 Puskar / Smalley / Trinkler Honda Civic Si

20. 195 Conway / Smalley            MINI Cooper S

35. 198 Fergus / Gimple             MINI Cooper S


There it is! The final results and guess who DOMINATED the race. MINI times 3! Impressive…if I may say so myself. Even with a rain soaked track, slowly drying off midday with some much needed sunshine… MINI shined as well.

Now for those of you that think test-driving in the rain is a bad thing, think again. Unless you eschew driving when wet (the road… not yourself) try out how well your MINI handles the slick pavement that surrounds Ferman MINI. Even US 19 may seem less scary after discovering MINI’s road gripping abilities.

After all, it is Florida, and it rains, a lot, and frequently, and often intensely, so why not feel the control of your MINI. Looking for that manual mode, stick shifting thrill… MINI of Tampa Bay has it. Prefer to drink your morning latte in comfort mode… Ferman MINI has that too!

Performance may not be at the top of the list when thinking of MINI for the uninitiated, but here at MINI of Tampa Bay, we know better.  


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